The Gentile Group, LLC (TGG) a real estate operating company based in Clearwater, Florida, is focused on creating long-term value through the acquisition, development and management of residential and commercial real estate assets. With over 50 years of combined experience our senior management team and staff are uniquely qualified to deliver superior investment results. Our current portfolio consists of office buildings, warehouse properties and multi-family assets.


TGG plans on continuing to invest in its core market area, with future expansion into the top market areas within the central Florida corridor from Tampa to Orlando. Our value creation approach to investing is focused on creating long-term growth and appreciation as well as providing above average current returns.


Operational Strategy

The company currently owns and operates a portfolio of commercial and multi-family assets within it primary market. TGG plans on continuing to make new investments and seek development opportunities within selected markets along the central corridor of Florida. The company may also pursue, on a select basis, the sale of certain assets in order to take advantage of value created.  Additionally, TGG will also pursue the development of commercial and residential projects that would be classified as “For Sale Product” to take advantage of current market demand and to produce immediate current income to the company.


TGG believes that recognizing gains and producing immediate revenues from asset sales is a strategic part of sustaining the long-term viability of the company.


Investment Objectives

TGG’s investment strategy is to make direct investments in real estate assets and to compliment that investment with For Sale product development. Gains generated from For Sale products will be utilized as equity contributions towards portfolio investments. The company’s senior management team believes that investments in real estate, in general, produce superior results compared to other asset alternatives. The company strives to minimize the risk in investing in cyclical assets by maintaining a moderate degree of leverage and to aggressively response to new leasing prospects while delivering superior tenant services. Senior management also attempts to reduce risk by diversifying the investment portfolio by asset class and geographic diversification.